Family Mediation Services



  Our mediators provide newly divorcing parents, as well as parents in need of adjusting their custody orders, in neutral mediation services to devise a parenting plan that best serves the child/ren. Mediators seek to diffuse any conflict between parents and work for the benefit of the child/ren. Mainstream divorce processes tend to pin parents against one another and focus on wins and losses, our services assist parents together in developing a plan that makes the child/ren the winner/s. Parents will be assisted in developing cooperative relations with focus on positive mental health outcome for their child/ren. Mediation for a parenting plan is often a less expensive alternative to negotiations with attorneys. Parents may also return to mediation years down the line when different phases of life pose difficulties to current custody orders. 

Collaborative Child Custody Evaluations


  Balanced Mediation Services has developed a collaborative model for evaluating custody disputes. Our model uses State Statute 518.17 (Best interest of the child) as does any child custody evaluation however our model compiles information from interviews, observations, records, etc… and then is reviewed by a team of no less than three professionals to make the final determination. Our professionals are a compilation of Psychologists, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists as well as Rule 114 Mediators and are all specialized in children’s mental health. When findings are completed the lead in the evaluation will compile the final report for the court and represent our findings (as needed) to the court. Evaluations can only be initiated when Balanced Mediation Services is named in a court order.

Parenting Time Expediter (PTE) Services.


  Our professionals will work to assist parents in resolving parenting time issues by facilitating negotiations or making decisions as necessary to resolve disputes.  Each parent will meet with our PTE’s to complete a PTE Contract, financial arrangements and an overview of the case including concerns from the individual parents. Services thereafter are as needed. Parents can expect professionalism and expeditious determinations to each quandary. Parenting Time Expeditors work under MN Statute 518.1751.

Court Ordered Psychological Evaluations


We provide court ordered psychological Evaluation Services. 

Parenting Classes


We are providers of the Parent's Forever Parenting your children through divorce program. Classes are available in group and individual sessions

Anger Management


An individualized anger management program and evaluation is available.